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Step-by-Step Tutorial

Follow these instructions and enjoy your candle-making experience with Direct Candle Supply.

Step 1

Open your candle making kit and assemble the materials you will need

Step 2

Prepare your containers: stick a small piece of wick adhesive to the metal wick tab, then affix to the inside of your container. Take care to center the wick in your container

Step 3

Weigh the amount of wax and fragrance you need for your candles. We recommend a 6-8% fragrance load for our Coconut Soy wax blend

Step 4

Place the weighed wax in your stainless melting pot and heat gently in a double boiler/water bath to 170° - 175° (F)

Step 5

Remove from heat, add the premeasured fragrance oil, and stir gently but thoroughly

Step 6

Pour wax carefully into your prepared candle container(s).

Step 7

Let the candle(s) cool and set overnight. If needed, smooth out any
imperfections with a heat gun or by pouring a small amount of the same
wax, into the container.

Step 8

For best fragrance throw, let your candle(s) cure for several days to a week. Trim the wick to ¼”, light your candle and enjoy!

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