Vybar / Polyboost - Polymer Additive for Candle Making

Vybar / Polyboost - Polymer Additive for Candle Making

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Size: 1 lbs
1 lbs
2 oz
Product description

Use it to increase melt point, fragrance load or to create a silky smooth candles. This highly thought out additive is used for various applications . One it can make any paraffin wax smooth and silky. Its also used to increase melt point for example if you want your candles to hold better during shipping in the summer months. Also, this additive can help with increasing fragrance load in several waxes. Can be used in Natural, or Paraffin waxes.

Our recommendation is to use 0.5 to 2% maximum.

Careful this is a high melt point product, so you will need to take your wax to a higher temperature to be able to melt it.


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