multihued tropical drink in tall glass with exotic plants in background

Jamaica Me Crazy (type) Fragrance Oil - Candle Making / Soap /Melts Concentrated **FREE SHIPPING**

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Size: 4oz
8 oz
16 oz
Product description

A tropical drink on a sunlit beach...what could be better?

Fragrance Notes:
TOP: mandarin peel, cassis fruit, passionfruit
MIDDLE: wild hibiscus petals, plum blossoms 
BOTTOM: sweet agave nectar, sugared mango, coconut milk 

Tested with our Coconut / Soy and Paraffin based waxes.

Use from 4% to 10% Load: 
Coco and Soy will hold 10%;
with Paraffin, don't go higher than 6% .

Packed in Amber bottle, sealed and ready to use.


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