brightly colored O's of cereal
Assorted size bottles of Fruity Cereal fragrance oils

Fruity Cereal Fragrance Oil - Candle Making / Soap /Melts Concentrated - Essential Oils based / Soy or Paraffin

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Size: 4oz
8 oz
16 oz
Product description

Smells like fruitylicious cereal!

Make your own TikTok sensation!

Top: sweet clementine, lemon meringue, zesty lime
Middle: pink raspberries, juicy cherries, blueberry 
Bottom: spun sugar, cereal milk, vanilla 

Tested with our Coconut / Soy and Paraffin based waxes.

Use from 4% to 10% Load: 
Coco and Soy will hold 10%;
with Paraffin, don't go higher than 6% .

Packed in Amber bottle, sealed and ready to use.


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